New Products Coming Soon 2019

So much to look forward to

Yummy Coconut Brittle and Heavenly Peanut Brittle are soo different from any type of Brittles there are! Although with very little Cane sugar, barely any – hence leaving it soft, yet ‘crunchingly’ crispy at the same time; whiles being delicate with a fragile ‘glass-like’ feel to it and yet again put together securely – oh! just simply Awesome, can’t wait ;)0 xoxo. It has a very small ingredient list but the Beauty is its unique Ancient production process.

If you have never heard or tasted a Coconut Brittle Before – you will not be disappointed, besides its suggested health contributions, it is truly a delight to relish and will be worth the wait.

Hot & Spicy Joway is just something else, literally out of this world! The Fresh Ginger and Chilli Heat is steadily gentle and alive. So alive that it is traditionally used to clear colds and blocked noses. It’s surprisingly Soothing qualities qualify the beauty in it’s sweet taste and the warmth it provides all over the body. It also takes you further above into the clouds to the heavens of delight when experienced with a Good Chocolate and an added nutty crunch – mm-mm ;-)xoxo. Oh! my! my! my! Descriptions don’t suffice. Tasting is believing and you will do just that soon enough…

Cassava biscuit is the Original of all this Ceeba style of biscuits. It’s ancient roots in Africa and across the Tropical world & cultures are intriguing but yet – modest. It is the melting in the mouth that gets me every time ;)o xoxo. When you eat one – it’s hard to put the rest down, but a special urge. Thank Goodness its associated with healthy elements such as Coconut & Olive Oils and favourable mild spices and just suitably sweet from natural cane sugar but sweet enough for the excitement and joy to be lasting. Once again, like many ancient things, the secret is in the process – although notoriously tedious and time consuming, the outcome is always astounding and Glorious in comparison.

As you know by now, Ceeba Foods is the place where every one with a hungry belly would love to know; including Healthy Food Foodies, Interesting Foods Foodies, Vegetarians, some Glutenfree and Dairyfree Foodies could find taste satisfaction and great healthy food that matters. And we would invite you to join us in the effort to encourage and enjoy the delightful purpose of food.

We hope to start unveiling these goodies by July 2019, hopefully sooner.

And as some wise person said: