About Ceeba Foods Ireland

It is our pleasure to introduce Ceeba Foods to you. Where Ancient Ethnic Secrets

Come to Life


Ceeba Snacks are TREATS and NOT Sweets

Ceeba is a FOODIE Favourite

Ceeba is also the Natural Home for Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Dairy free Snacks

Ceeba is inspired by the very Essence of Ancient Ethnic Traditional foods

From Africa and other ancient Cultures, which have been enjoyed through-out the generations. These Ancient recipes are designed to: Excite, Nourish, Heal, Sustain, Delight and Satisfy

The emphasis is on NATURE’S medicinal Gift for Good Health through the substance of Great Food.

After some set up challenges, Ceeba Foods Ltd is now in the position to launch its products and finally introduce these UNIQUE products to you – our Dearly beloved family of customers.

Ceeba is naturally / culturally Gluten Free, Dairy Free and with a lot of beautiful Vegetarian options within the range but our labels are not stamped as Gluten Free –

Because our products are made for all to ENJOY and due to its source of inspiration (Tropical African recipes etc) it DOES NOT contain Wheat, Rye, Barley or Dairy.

The business set up started in Dublin Ireland : 2015

But Ceeba really started life as an introductory experiment in the spirit of due diligence to the idea in 2011.

In the face of unemployment after University, I challenged myself to start a business with some help from family and friends.

And the idea had to be tested before being unveiled as a full blown business. The experimental experience was successful; which gave us the confidence to start in 2015. This venture also comprises of a catering aspect (The Cooking Pot). And ‘The Cooking Pot’ has also completed it’s experimental stage successfully with the hopes to resume life in the near future.

The angle is having a keen interest in human health and it’s restoration including the protection of our Planet Earth as the background underlining foundation of our operating ethos.

We are currently a team of 3 – from different cultural backgrounds.

Ceeba is only rolling out 3 snacks (Zoki, Keta and Vanilla) out of its 13 products for sale for the moment.

Our Clean & Green EARTH Campaign:

Due to our keen interest in a Cleaner and Greener world, we initially attempted to use ‘Biodegradable and Compostable’ plastic-like packaging (Earth First PLA Films by INGEO) – made from wood and sugar cane, but it unfortunately did not suit our products this time. We are NOT giving up yet and we at Ceeba Foods will continue searching until we find such a packaging for the future journey.

In the mean time, we please urge our beloved customers to discard of their current non recyclable packaging responsibly. We apologise for using such material and we look forward to changing it as soon as we possibly can.

We currently organise family beach clean ups along the Irish coast when the tide comes in with rubbish/litter. It is usually a hardworking but fun day. We intend to do more and to take this initiative seriously; to support a Green & Clean Earth.

And as we grow on this vein, we hope to improve our carbon foot prints and involve our family of customers in Ceeba’s future environmental efforts.

On behalf of the family, friends and our beloved customers I would like to officially introduce you to Ceeba Foods Ltd.

My name is Amba Kabore Sharkey and family, the unemployed Start up Entrepreneur – and I look forward to a Healthy future of excitement with you.

Discover the Exotic Beauty & Mysteries of Ancient Ethnic Food SECRETS

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